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Syllabus of International Sale of goods
(2012-2) NAME OF COURSE International Sale of Goods NATURE OF COURSE Compulsory PREREQUISITES AND BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE Cultures of international business, business writing in English, import and export laws, international sale of goods, principles of civil law and necessary basics of legal knowledge relating to contract , maritime transportation, insurance, corporate law, partnership, and agency. STUDENTS Law school students LECTURING HOURS 40 hours TUTORING HOURS By appointment during Monday mornings 9AM-12AM and Wednesday mornings 9AM-12AM in the professor’s office. LECTURER’S INFO – Dr. Phil Cameron Office venue: A201 Office telephone:+86 (21) 6770 3307 COURSE DESIGN This course focuses on integrating the laws, rules and legal principles for the international trade of goods, including practical lawyering skills, business procedures, identifying risks, managing problems, and creating resolutions for common legal issues. OBJECTIVES A. To understand the basic the laws, rules and legal principles for the international trade of goods, as well as, develop some practical lawyering skills B. To cultivate academic quality and business skills, such as: 1) the ability to examine and resolve legal issues resulting in practical business solutions, along with the application of legal theory 2) an understanding of the rational, moral and jurisprudence basis of relevant rules as applied to current legal matters, and also, to examine the reasonableness and practicality of international business rules. C. To acquire practical skills and techniques for solving simple legal problems.


LECTURE STYLE AND STUDENT REQUIREMENTS A. TEACHING CONTENT This course is primarily based on the textbook International Trade Law compiled by our law school, however, does make use of legal principles from previous law...

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