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Campaign on Drinking and Driving

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To: The Board member, Social Media Specialist, Marketing Director
From: Xxxx
Date: May 20, 2012
Subject: Recommendation for campaign on drinking and driving
I will try and address all the concerns sequentially. Since we have a tight budget, we do not have much space for trial and errors. Overall, driving most of the campaign online is a good idea. Also, collaborating with the colleges to help in our research will be helpful and less costly.
Most of the concerns of the board member are valid. I would suggest an online questionnaire targeted at certain colleges as a cheap and effective solution for getting to know their mindset. Another suggestion would be to make it anonymous. Not tracking user information will allow for a more candid feedback. A carefully crafted questionnaire needs to be created for this. A suggestion box for possible ideas for the campaign from them can also be kept in the questionnaire.
I agree with the concerns of the Social media specialist, targeting messages on websites like Facebook and Twitter is a good idea. Identify some of the most subscribed groups on Facebook. Create a Facebook page for our campaign. This page can be linked to those group pages identified before. This will allow us to post to multiple groups at once. Requesting some referral posts on our campaign from these Facebook groups is also a good idea. This will help in creating a better impact at minimal cost.
I agree with the Marketing Director that driving the campaign online is a very good idea. As for the places where we can promote this campaign so that it creates a good impact, we should also consider college campuses other than the online avenues at hand. Placing placards on college campuses with our campaign messages is also a good idea. To create impact, it is important for us to gather information about mishaps which might have happened in the last year among college students due to drinking and driving. Using this information in our campaign will create some impact.
In summary, using the internet and social media will help us save a lot of cost. This can be used to properly research the target audience. We can also create more rich and polished campaign material for both online and on campus usage. All of the above suggestions are hedged on our successfully being able to understand their current mindset and putting up surveys is a good idea. Giving incentives for a good message can help as well if our budget permits.

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