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Camping facilities
How can Internet technologies help a business form strategic alliances with its customers,suppliers, and others?
Information technology can help a business form strategic alliances with its customers, suppliers, andothers by enabling communications, collaboration, and information sharing in ways that were never before possible. By virtue of working together online, managers can monitor and automaticallycapture process metrics, identify bottlenecks, and recommend process improvements within and between organizations.

7. How could a business use Internet technologies to form a virtual company or become an agilecompetitor?

Virtual company:
Example: a person or company could use the Internet to acquire customers and then farm out the work to suppliers. A simple example of this can be found managing contractors. A company solicitscustomers for contract work (customers) and then solicits reliable contractors who can do this work (suppliers). In exchange for a share in the contractor's earnings, the virtual company handles the billing and customer relations. It manages its reputation by monitoring the quality of the contractor'swork. High performing contractors retain a larger percentage of their earnings, and low performingcontractors are not invited to work on future contracts. Some software vendors now lease (or providefor free) web enabled business software to manage accounting, customer relations management, andoffice automation tasks (word processing, spreadsheets, calendaring, and e-mail). As a result, a trulyvirtual company need only a computer connected to the Internet and a web browser. Visitrentacoder.comfor a reverse auction site version of this enterprise.

Agile competitor:
In addition to monitoring the marketing for business intelligence, an agile competitor might implementan…...

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