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Executive Summary

The Manhattan Project Company is a consulting firm that focuses on the comprehensive needs of business organization. We offer a full range of expertise that can assist a company in retaining a competitive advantage against its competitors. We are a staff of five experienced professionals who have successfully helped many organizations plan, create and achieve their objectives. We offer a professional team approach that can bring balance to any organization. The Manhattan Project Company’s consultants specialize in specific areas which include services such as SWOT analysis, sales and marketing, competitive analysis, finance, strategic planning and many others to assist any organization with their needs. We invite business owners and organizations to choose our services and let us show you how we can help you enhance your business.
CanGo’s executive management has contracted with The Manhattan Project Company to provide consulting services in order to understand how to grow its business. We have looked at some areas within the organization and found a few key areas that will assist the company in reaching its goals.
SWOT Analysis
 CanGo has turn out to be one of the fastest growing online small business companies.
 CanGo has different variety of products to offer.
 They have labeled themselves as “the customer”. By doing this it permits them to keep the question “what do we want” in the front position of the attentions all while concentrating on recognizing the consumer’s requirements and requests.
 The employees at CanGo showed robust commitment in supporting company’s goal.
 Staying competitive coupled with strong customer satisfaction is of high importance.
 Innovation is present that will help CanGo’s ability to maintain continuing growth.

 Their advertising budget...

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