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Can Hrm Improve Employee Satisfaction

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Can HRM Practices Improve Job Satisfaction of Ready Made Garment (RMG) Workers in Bangladesh? An Alternative Solution to Recent Unrest

Background of the study
Ready Made Garment (RMG) is one of the successful manufacturing sectors with greater contribution to the national economy of Bangladesh. The industry started its journey in late 1970s and enjoyed a rapid rise from 30 enterprises in 1980 increased to more than 5000 in 2014. Average growth rate of this sector was over 20% per over the last two decades. RMG is the main source of export for the last 25 years. This single sector alone earns about 80% of yearly foreign exchange of the country. Its contribution to GDP reaches 13% in fiscal year 2009-2010. This sector employs more than 3 billion people in Bangladesh of whom 90% are women from rural family. Thus this sector is playing a vital role in socioeconomic development of the country. But this sector is struggling with a number of problems. Conflict between owners and workers, labor unrest, shortage of gas and electricity, poor infrastructure, poor port facility, conspiracy of home and abroad are posing a great threat to its survival. In recent time, labor unrest in the RMG sector has been a matter of serious concern. Almost every day electronic and print media cover news of labor unrest in RMG sector in one place or another across the country. Job dissatisfaction have been the prime causes of recent labor unrests across the country. This job dissatisfaction of RMG workers resulted from improper work practices that include insufficient salary, discrimination, unhealthy work environment, frequent work accidents and hazards. Due to labor unrest, RMG sectors are losing its market as unrest disrupts production functions and passes the message to the buyers regarding employee discrimination. Unrest in RMG is affecting business profit as well. RMG workers are not...

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