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Canadas Diverse Environment

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Lesson 2: Does Canada’s diverse environment, its economy and its population distribution make it more or less difficult to govern?

Canada is currently the second biggest country in the world only behind Russia. It is home to a variety of different ecosystems. Humans have long interacted with this land and, over the centuries, have scattered throughout the country and created a blossoming economy. The different opportunities given to Canadians by their diverse environment makes Canada far less difficult to govern than other countries. Job creation rates are either stable or on the rise and, while the population and economy may not be evenly dispersed, Canada continually ranks among the richest and happiest countries in the world. (LINK 2)

First and foremost, it is important to know just how diverse Canada’s environment truly is. Although it would seem like it’s mostly a cold and arctic country, it is in fact composed of several different ecozones ranging from the arctic to the prairies. (Lesson 2, Slide 3) This, in turn, leads to a more diverse economy: there are different fields of work for different sectors of the country. People living along the coasts and around lakes tend to fish, while citizens living in the prairies are mostly in the agricultural industry. (Lesson 2, slide 13) Therefore, certain region with different natural resources will rake in the benefits from these resources and prosper. For example, since oil was discovered in Alberta in 1902, its economy has risen. The same concept applies for the province of Quebec, which is located around many streams of water. Quebecers have long been using this natural resource to power their homes and cities. Hydroelectricity has become a staple for French-Canadians. Many more natural resources are scattered around

Canada in a heterogeneous fashion. As such, it is difficult for Canada to keep a…...

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