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Canadian Schools Focus on Ecomomic Needs

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A critical look into the transitions from school to work, and the role the schools play in preparing youth for employment. There is a critical look at the cause of education creeping and what that will mean for those seeking a higher education in Canada.
Canadian Schools focusing on economic needs
In today’s global economy education plays a crucial role for preparing Canadians for an employment role in the ever changing global market. It can be argued that Canadian schools are not focused on economic needs and should be preparing students more for employment skills, particularly in the trades. The role that schooling plays is not clear when breaking down the components of a transition from school to employment.
School work relationship In understanding the relationship of school and work a quick view of schools and the orientation needs to be looked at. When schools opened it was a way to keep youth off the streets while not being employed. The schools were there to teach basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, labor markets were never intended to dictate the school curriculum. Schools today are held to a higher standard for preparing students for work. Unfortunately the grade school system is failing to establish a disciplined, self- regulated student who is capable of completing basic education skills. A large number of Canadian adults are unable to read, write, or do basic math without the aid of an electronic device at acceptable levels needed to stay competitive. When working within organizations, one can see the huge implications in today’s economic labor force. One of the biggest issues seen is the inability for persons to count out change. People are now relying on the technology to give them the answer and when that technology fails the person who was not trained in basic education are unable to correctly complete the task. The demand from...

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