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Candice lived in Westphalia, in the castle of Monsieur the Baron Von Thunder-ten-tronckh. The older servants of the castle believed that he was the son of the Barons sister, because his mother refused to marry his father because his family tree couldn’t be traced. The Baron was the most powerful lord of Westphalia, where everyone laughed at his jokes and called him “Your Grace”. One night after dinner as everyone was leaving, Candice and Cunegonde found themselves behind a screen exchanging a kiss only for the Baron to be walking by at that very time to chase Candice out of the castle while kicking him in the behind. Candice is later forced into the army of Bulgars, and decided to talk a walk from camp and is later said to be a deserter. In Holland he ran into a nice Christian girl who took him in. While there Candice runs into his old tutor Pangloss who tells him that he had gotten syphilis from Cunegonde and that her entire family had been brutally killed by the Bulgar army. The Christian girl Jacques takes Pangloss in as well, and they all travel to Lisbon together only for their ship to be caught in a storm and Jacques drowns. Later, Candice finds Pangloss and the Baron in a Turkish chain gang, which made it apparent that they had both survived their apparent deaths. After arriving in Turkey, Pangloss remains an optimist, Candice goes to find Cunegonde only to find she had grown old and ugly, but he didn’t care and bought her freedom as well as his own. Candice and his friends decide to take all their time and effort and put it into working, which in the ends makes everyone happy and fulfilled. While walking with Jacques, they came across what they believed to be a beggar, covered in wounds; his eyes were glazed over, black teeth, and had a raspy tangled voice. As Candice got closer to this creature, he heard the mans voice and the words, “So you...

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