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Cannibal Tours

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The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore the variety of online resources and sites that exist to support your work with families. Your findings are intended to broaden your knowledge and assist you in your course work (parent visit and major course assignment).

The assignment is worth 34 marks and all students will begin with that mark. For each error or incomplete response, ½ mark is taken off. Submit as per your course faculty instructions.

Answer each question clearly and concisely.

1. One of the best resources for teachers in finding support for families is the Canadian Child Care Federation. Go to the website: and answer the following: (2 marks)
What year was it established? It was established in 2012
What is its mission?

Their mission is protecting, enhancing and prompting children safety and their healthy growth and development. As well as they committed to provide Canadian with the very best in early learning and child care knowledge and best practise.

Google “Campaign 2000.” What is its purpose? What is the current status of this report? (Hint: Click on “What’s New” to see how it impacts families currently) (2 marks) The purpose of Campaign is seeking to eliminate poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000. Currently children and families in poverty left out of budget 2015, the federal budget misses its target by providing costly tax cuts to the wealthy at the expenses of pressing pressing needs of majority of Canadian children and families which is out of step with realities of majority of families in Canada who struggle to afford childcare and housing.

Go to FIRA at
a. What do the letters stand for? (1 mark)

It stands for ‘’Father Involvement Research Alliance ‘’

b. Go to Resources and type in the...

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