Canter's Behavior Management Cycle: a Case Study

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Canter's Behavior Management Cycle: A Case Study

David is a five year old boy who from the very beginning displayed disruptive behavior inside and outside of the classroom. His teacher has logged his behavior, asked her administrators for support, and has referred the child for a behavioral evaluation. During this time the teacher spoke with the child’s parents who stated that his behavior was similar at home. They also shared that the majority of his disruptive behavior seemed to be his way of seeking attention. During this time David’s behavior was growing more and more disturbing and aggressive. Based on the teachers observation logs, David had difficulty getting along with other children and consistently did not follow directions. On any given day, David hits, yells, or knocks things out of peer’s hands to gain the teachers attention or get something he wants. During some part of the day David is physically aggressive toward one or two peers, this usually includes kicking or punching. Most of the children have learned to ignore him or stay away from him. When it comes to his academic skills he is at level. Although David has the skills to complete assignments or activities he is rarely unable to do so. Most of the issues begin when directions are given and when peers are working. The behaviors escalate when he is redirected.
As the disruptive behavior continues the teacher begins to run out of patience with David and begins to call attention to every negative action that is displayed. This begins to have a negative impact on the behavior of other students. Some students begin to follow David’s lead and others are not completing assignments. This is the result of the teacher spending too much time dealing with David and not enough time with instruction. There are many ways the teacher can professionally and successfully handle disruptive behaviors. One way…...