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Capability Studies

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Audience, Pre-requisite and Objective
Adequate audience
This course is suitable for people whose function involves capability evaluation in fields of tools/equipment/processes /materials/components

Basic statistical knowledge about standard deviation, normal distribution and control charts is required

After this course, trainees should be able to correctly perform capability evaluation and to precisely grasp its implication on studied characteristics

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Outlines of Cp & Cpk introduction
•0. Overview
– 0.1. What’s capability index ? – 0.2. Why do we need capability index ? – 0.3. Capability index application in SPC

•1. Capability index understanding
– 1.1. Basic statistical concept introduction – 1.2. Precision and accuracy – 1.3. Capability index – 1.4. Pre-conditions and condition

•2. Capability index application
– 2.1. Capability indexes comparison – 2.2. Grades of capability index – 2.3 Capability index vs DPM – 2.4. Sequence to improve process capability – 2.5. Capability index application examples

•3. Case study
– 3.1. The process for case study – 3.2. Improvement flow
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– 3.3. Solder paste printing improvement

0.1. What’s capability index ?
“Capability index” is a quantitative value to let us know information about a process performance ! It advises us of How stable a process is ! How capable of meeting specification a process is !

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0.2. Why do we need capability index
1. To have a quick understanding of process performance 2. To be able to effectively predict yield, quality level and cost 3. To measure the effects of change in the system with greater speed and reliability 4. To alter specification limits, it will have the data to back up its decision

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0.3 Capability index…...

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