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Capital Communications, Inc. is an award-winning telecommunications contracting company located in Plymouth, Michigan. For nearly 30 years, Capital Communications has maintained a small-company feel – intentionally remaining nimble to allow quick ramp-up times and prompt responses to customer needs. One of the most trusted and respected providers in the industry, Capital Communications is known for our uncompromising work ethic and exceptional customer service.

Providing the highest quality engineering and technical services to industries that expect and demand nothing less than 100% availability, we are equipped and positioned to provide that same level of high quality and reliability to industries and markets that demand the same.

Government agencies rely on communications heavily in daily operations and especially during any disaster challenges; natural or otherwise. Homeland security requires a higher level of network solutions and applications that are civic centered. Capital Communications can help with safety, transport, utilities, planning and security concepts aiding with effective responses to many crises.
Homeland Security
Homeland Security is an industry covering a variety of transportation across borders, different utilities and public spaces in need of protection from the possibility of national threats. To keep critical infrastructures secure against challenges whether they are natural or not is imperative to keeping structure. For this reason government agencies rely heavily on telecommunications including HD video surveillance.
The educational industry is paramount to the future in a multitude of ways. Creating an environment where students and faculty can safely share information and do so efficiently is just one of the ways telecommunications becomes integral to campus life. Developing a network where students can access Wi-Fi is essential; as is the need for a safe campus. With these advances comes the increased demand for an approach that creates synergy among a range of people, services and devices.
Power and Utilities
There is a steady growth of alternative energies and subsequently a higher level of enforced regulations for security measures necessary for these industries to follow. In order to keep up with these guidelines as well as technological advancements, many industries in the energy field are turning to professional services.
Creating clear, high quality communications across the globe is an industry that has 2.7 trillion dollars in projected revenue for 2013. It is comprised of organizations presenting solutions to a wide variety of carriers and service providers through the transition from traditional voice, video and data to leading edge IP based Telemedia and Mobile Media services. The telecommunication industry is there to create synergistic and seamless support of all communication needs.

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