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Capital One Bank Customer Service Training Design

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Capital One Bank Customer Service Training Design

Capital One Bank’s business strategy has been to buy regional banks to get access to their deposits, which the company uses as a cheap source of funding for its more lucrative, high annual percentage rate, credit card operations; an internal growth strategy. There is a dichotomy in their customer service strategy; the banking operation requires a relationship with the customer that allows the customer to feel that their money is going to be taken care of. The credit card operation requires a relationship with the customer that allows the customer to feel that they will be taken care of when there is an absence of money.
The customer service issues arise by introducing a new task and possibly new technology to both the existing banking employees and existing credit card employees. Focus groups of Subject matter experts, questionnaires, online technology, interviews of employees and customers and observation are the techniques that can be used to conduct this needs assessment. However, as a great deal of banking and credit card operations takes place online and over the phone, of particular value will be the utilization of online technology; even face to face banking and credit card operations occur with an employee in front of a computer. Help desk management software can be used to collect data and help identify the most frequently occurring customer service issues so that training can be focused on specific issue resolution; the software can categorize and track calls by application, caller or issue and is completely objective in its analysis (Noe. pg.107). Real time training can be used in instances where employees are experiencing difficulties with a customer and a manager is not available. Therefore Incumbent’s computer literacy should be analyzed and requests for proposals should be sent to a number of...

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