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Capital Punishment: Just or Cruel?

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Capital punishment ends guilty lives to save innocent ones

Is an eye for an eye really that fair and simple? Is it always going too far to take someone's life even if they were guilty of a horrible deed? Before, you answer that put yourself in the shoes in a family where a relative was murdered. A husband who lost a wife, or a father who lost a son. would you not want justice? That's what the death penalty is. A harsh punishment that can only be fitting for the most cruel of crimes. This wouldn't bring your loved one back, but it guarantees the person who is responsible cannot harm another person or their family.

My opinion on the death penalty started in 2008 during the election for governor in Massachusetts. Being only 15 at the time i couldn't vote however one of the major debate points was reestablishing capital punishment in Massachusetts, which was abolished about two decades ago. Everywhere i went people argued about which candidate had better views on the death penalty. At my age I had heard so much discussion in local politics there were the pro death penalty debaters stating it would lower crime rates while those who opposed this would say there hasn't been a significant difference in crime since capital punishment was ended. One statement really stuck with me about this topic and brought my view to agree with it. It's point was about executing the death penalty on murderers. It was said my father and he claimed, "When you take a life from someone, you lose the right to keep your own." Initially I didn't put much thought into this statement. However over time I came to realize my dad's point life is a privilege and abusing that privilege should have equal consequences.

Another incident that affected my view towards the the death penalty only a year later i was told...

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