Capital State Arena

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Judith Miller
612 Advanced Project Procurement
Dr. Cooke
Capital State Arena
June 4, 2012

The text stated the theatrical lighting system is a complex system of lights, controllers, and lighting adjustments located inside of the gymnasium arena on the campus of Capital State University (Benton, 2010). The gymnasium is mainly used for basketball events, but will hold commencement exercises and other university sports in the future. That is the main reason the gymnasium is in need of enhancing its lighting system. The arena is overdue for some lighting adjustments because it has yet to be changed over the years.
In order for this project to begin, it first must start with the purchasing department who has requests from two suppliers and a possibility of a third supplier. They have offered to make the renovation to the theatrical lighting system to have accommodated the different events. “The current technology was specified; the system will be leased out at a rate of $2000.00 per day plus operator expenses” (Benton, p.461). Some of the console features to consider is the lighting consoles needs are being users-friendly. Its needs to be programmable lighting system, and have room to expand since eventually additional lights might be added. The purchasing department also wants to purchase a theatrical lighting system that can be easily upgraded, equiped with a warranty, maintenance, and the repair of parts.
After evaluating the three bids from the different manufacturers I would recommend the ETC Company. Even though the ETC cost the more, it was ranked the best value based on the ease of use and service. The ETC has the highest the sale among the other two manufacturers. The ETC cost is $10,080.00 more than the Leprecon and $36,780 more than the Strand. Also the ETC sales and history share history is the largest among the other two vendor. The ETC sales are…...