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Capitalism and the Corporation

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The problem to be investigated is the role of corporation in society and its ethical influence on social responsibility. There have been arguments that capitalism and corporations are responsible for economic ills of the society. It is therefore necessary to understand the role of corporation and ethical influence if any. In other to address the problem stated above it is necessary to define what capitalism and corporation are, and give background insight through meaningful literature reviews. According to capitalism is an economic system in which investments, ownership and means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is driven and maintained mainly by private individuals or corporations, in contrast to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth. A corporation on the other hand is a business organization created by its owners known as stockholders under authority of the law to exist continuously independent of its members; powers and liabilities (limited liability) separated from those of its members.(American Heritage Dictionary). The answer to the problem stated above may be embedded in the "not a cold mete or fallen from the sky" statement of Dr. Novak (Jennings, 2012, p.108).

Role of Corporation In Society

The problem to be investigated is the role of corporation in society and its ethical influence on social responsibility. There have been arguments that capitalism and corporations are responsible for economic ills of the society It is therefore necessary to understand the role of corporation and ethical influence if any. In other to address the problem stated above it is necessary to define what capitalism and corporation are, and give background insight through meaningful literature reviews. According to capitalism is an economic system in which investments, ownership and means of production,...

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