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1. the letter began, “dear friends of our fair city.”
2. Helen asked, “may i borrow that book when you’re finished?”
3. i wondered if Ms. jay would approve this murder mystery for my book report.
4. Luis wrote, “dear Jim Arnosky, i was fascinated by your recently published book.”
5. my teacher asked me to write a poem beginning with the line “roses are red.”
6. Wondering who the guests would be, i asked, “whom did you invite to our party?”
7. When i saw the latest bestseller, i eagerly grabbed it.
8. Tom said, “there’s a bird with a broken wing outside.”
9. During lunch, Robin jotted a letter to Amy and signed it, “your friend, Robin.”
10. christine raised her hand and asked, “may i read my short story to the class?”
11. I just got the new CD by lauryn hill.
12. My favorite rabbit is peter cottontail.
13. Justine took her cat smokey to the vet.
14. Did you hear michael feldman on the radio this weekend?
15. My dentist, Dr. larry k. lane, always gives me free dental floss.
16. Tracy enjoys taking her dog bandit to the park.
17. Our neighbors, the garzas, are hosting the block party this year.
18. Did you read this biography of catherine the great?
19. One of my favorite authors is J.r.r. Tolkien.
20. Why did you name your parrot khan?
21. There is a rocky island in the atlantic called st. helena.
22. On June 30, 1998, a volcano named korovin erupted on atka island in alaska.
23. Thomas is drawing a map of africa and has marked the location of the equator.
24. Ships use the panama canal to pass between the Caribbean sea and the pacific ocean.
25. Although you may think lake charles is just a lake, it is also a city in louisiana.
26. I spoke with a woman from laos, which is a country between vietnam and thailand.
27. Sanya’s class toured the museum located at 249 dixon parkway.28. The island of puerto rico is in the west indies.
29. death...

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