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Capratek Training Program Design

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CapraTek Training Program Design:

HRM 5015 Leading and Managing Workplace Learning

Training Topic
Topic Identification The training topic I will design for CapraTek is Sexual Harassment: You make the call. Upon interviewing various supervisors for their different plants I found that overall they are all uncomfortable with their knowledge on laws that affect their associates. Considering that the new plant is being opened in a state where there is a mandatory sexual harassment training law.
Strategic Needs Due to the mandatory regulation of this training it is cost effective to use this training as an opportunity to grow our leadership. By having a in person session with our supervising team we can instill leadership behaviors that will help them in other areas of leadership. This seminar will give them the tools needed to solve other law/policy related problems. If we have to spend money let us make sure that we are getting a better return on investment from it.
Needs Analysis Currently our company’s objective is to open the plant in Illinois and train our supervising staff accordingly. One major obstacle to this is the mandatory regulation of sexual harassment training by the state. Our supervisor must know what is legally required of them and what we expect from them. Our expectation is that they are able to fully understand what is sexual harassment, what are the signs of it, who to prevent it and most importantly how to handle cases of it. Based of my evaluation of the interviews I conducted, all supervisors know what sexual harassment is but are not comfortable training their teams. Based on this I would evaluate the supervisors skills as a leader only hindered by their lack of knowledge and comfortably with the subject. It is for this reason we have adopted to use Costal Training...

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