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Note: On the cover page you actually use the words “running head:” You do not on all the rest of the pages

Note page number position

The Capstone Guidebook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Capstone Design and Writing


Douglas L. Blakemore, Ph.D. Full Professor Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems Department Ferris State University



Copyright: 2012, Douglas L. Blakemore, Ph.D. All Rights Reserved

CAPSTONE GUIDEBOOK Table of Contents Note, page numbers are right aligned



Chapter 1: Getting Started ............................................................................................…4 Chapter 2: The Five-Chapter Approach to the Capstone................................................10 Chapter 3: Organizing the Presentation of Your Study/Project......................................17 Chapter 4: A Few Basics for Writing the Capstone.........................................................24 Reference.........….……………………………………………………………………....29 Appendices……………………………………………………………………………...30

CAPSTONE GUIDEBOOK Note, running head Chapter 1: Getting Started For this class you will be conducting a research study or completing a project which demonstrates the skills and knowledge you have obtained in your field. The


See Ch 3 for required format for headings. APA has a required format to follow. Do not accept Word formatting without reviewing even if it says it is APA.

completed study/project will not only demonstrate depth of knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge, but it may also allow opportunities to show prospective employers how your acquired skills might be utilized in the workplace. This is your opportunity to showcase your abilities. Therefore, you will want to give careful thought to your goals for the research you are conducting or...

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