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Course Code MGT519 Course Category Course Title OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Courses with numerical and conceptual focus Course Planner 16031::Gurpreet Kaur Lectures 3.0 Tutorials Practicals Credits 1.0 0.0 4.0

TextBooks Sr No T-1 Title Operations Management Reference Books Sr No R-1 R-2 Other Reading Sr No OR-1 OR-2 OR-3 OR-4 OR-5 OR-6 OR-7 OR-8 OR-9 OR-10 OR-11 OR-12 Journals articles as Compulsary reading (specific articles, complete reference) The four things that a service Business must get right HBR Article , Bang & Olufsen Design Driven Innovation : HBR , Smart Product Design : HBR , Mishina, Kazuhiro. Toyota Motor Manufacturing, U.S.A., Inc. HBS Case No. 9-693-019. Harvard Business School Publishing, Boston, 1995. , Hammond, Janice H. Barilla SpA (A). HBS Case No. 9-694-046. Harvard Business School Publishing, Boston, 1994. , Latour, Almar. Nokia Handles Supply Shock with Aplomb as Ericsson of Sweden Gets Burned. The Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company, Inc., 2001. , National Cranberry Cooperative HBS #688122. From Case Map , John Crane UK Ltd Case : The CAD CAM Link . HBS #691021,24p , To Move or not to Move .Case of Cathay Pacific Airways . University of Hong Kong HBS #HKU003,22p , Note on Quality: The Views of Deming, Juran, and Crosby HBS .687011 , Process Control at Polaroid , HBS, #693047 , LL Bean Item Forecasting and Inventory Management HBS, #893003, 5p , Johson Control Automotive Systems , HBS,#69308623p , Title Operations Management Concepts, Techniques & Applications Operations Management Author Evans & Collier Edition 1st Year Publisher Name Cengage Learning Tata McGraw Hill Author Norman Gaither,Greg Frazier Edition 9th Year Publisher Name Cengage Learning

William Stevenson Taylor 8th

Relevant Websites Sr No RW-1 RW-2 (Web address) (only if relevant to the course) " " " "…...

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... or false questions. In creating user account it is only limited to three (3) sections; section A, B and C. Quiz number of every chapter is only limited only to 5 Quizzes same as Activity; Activity limits to 5 activities every Chapter. Pre-test and Post-test cannot increase or decrease meaning another question cannot be added or deleted. In submitting activity it also limit to only 4 kinds of file to be uploaded; MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint Document and a JPEG image. CHAPTER II BACKGROUND OF THE CAPSTONE PROJECT The use of ICT in the classroom is very important for providing opportunities for student to learn to operate in an information age and computer based learning module is basically the best way to give the best learning approach for the students. Research has demonstrated that students learn more if they are actively engaged with the material they are studying. They will support the opportunities created through lecture material to develop a better understanding for the learners. Educational institutions acknowledge that they must move apace with the technology driven changes in society and economy. In today’s knowledge society, not only must schools ensure that learners possess the competencies to wield these new information and communication tools productively, they must equip learners with the critical and analytic tools necessary to live and flourish in an information-saturated environment. Mastery of facts has become less important than the ability to...

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... are deeply connected to mathematics. A few of the are engineers, architects, doctors, web developers, and many more. I acknowledge that there are some other subjects that completely divert from math and reading, like art, but we can’t assigned the same quality of teaching as if more people are going make a living from playing music than from a career that needs writing, reading, and math skills. 4. What changes has NCLB brought to the education system? Now we are able to hold schools and teachers accountable, which is something we haven’t been able to do in the past in an efficient manner. We have also been able to save money from testing, as standardized tests have a relatively insignificant price when compared to other ways of evaluating students. We are also able to target areas that need improvement and work with those schools to make sure everyone ends up receiving the same quality of education. We are not there yet, but we are working our way up. 5. One component of Capstone is creating a feasible and “realistic” solution to the problem. Mine is to keep using standardized tests, but not relying solely in them. I believe that standardized tests should be complemented with assessment tests that examine the student skills of critical thinking as well as their strengths and weaknesses in other subjects such as social sciences and arts. What do you think of my solution and why? I believe that your solution would be too expensive to implement. In an ideal...

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... Address: 3336 P. Rodriguez St.,Kinalumsan, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu 6014, Philippines PERSONAL INFORMATION | | AGE | | : | 21 | CIVIL STATUS | | : | Single | HOME ADDRESS | | : | 3336 P. Rodriguez St.,Kinalumsan, Lapu-lapu City, | | | | Cebu | DATE OF BIRTH | | : | December 14, 1993 | PLACE OF BIRTH | | : | Cadaruhan, Borbon, Cebu | HEIGHT | | : | 5’2 | WEIGHT | | : | 48 kls | CONTACT NO. | | : | 09222781280 | EMAIL ADDRESS | | : | | RELIGION | | : | Protestant | NATIONALITY | | : | Filipino | EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND | Tertiary | : | University of Cebu Lapu-lapu & Mandaue | | | (Present) | Secondary | : | San Lorenzo Ruiz School | | | Graduated 2011 | Elementary | : | San Lorenzo Ruiz School | | | Graduated 2006 | 55 APPENDIX A TRANSMITTAL LETTER UNIVERSITY OF CEBU LAPU-LAPU AND MANDAUE College of Computer Studies August 13, 2014 Dr. Anna Liza B. Son VC-Academic Affairs This University Dear Dr. Son, Warmest Greetings! The undersigned are the BSIT-4 students of this university and are currently conducting a capstone project entitled “SkoolKopedia: A School-for-Learner Matcher”. The software will help incoming college students to look for a school according to their preferences. The group is now on the analysis phase specifically on gathering of essential data. In this regard, we would like to request approval from your good office to allow us to......

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...Capstone Project Cover Sheet Capstone Proposal Project Name: Upgrading from XP to Windows 7 is important for Security Student Name: Matthew Phelps Degree Program: Security Emphasis Mentor Name: Julianne Evans Table of Contents Capstone Proposal Summary 3 Review of Other Work 7 Project Rationale 10 Systems Analysis and Methodology 10 Goals and Objectives 14 Project Deliverables 21 Project Plan and Timelines 24 Project Development 25 Conclusion 29 References 31 Competency Matrix 32 Project Timeline 34 Additional Deliverables 35 Capstone Report Summary The entire world is becoming increasingly more reliant on data determined technology. Industries cannot ignore the inevitability of a reliable Information Technology network to be successful and to remain competitive with other corporations. Most companies obviously tend to ignore the necessity of maintaining efficient Operating Systems in their networks; the consequences can lead to amplified employee hindrance, diminished customer contentment and eventually reduced revenue. This capstone project emphasis is on a company facing those very problems. Providence Health Services is a large company that operates multiple hospitals across five states, with its headquarters located in Renton, Washington. The health system includes 27 hospitals, more than 35 non-acute...

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... meetings. These meetings will last approximately one hour or until that days task have been completed. Progress Meetings outside of class – All members will touch base at least once a week with the Project Manager. If direction or clarification is needed for that members responsibilities they will contact the project manager for guidance. Communication will be completed numerous different ways. Text, phone and email will be the primary forms of communication outside of the classroom. Dropbox will be utilized for all documents so that each member of the team can view them in real time. This will give all members the most up to date version that is available at the time. This will allow for faster improvement to the proposed plan. Project Guidelines Complete all assigned tasks and ask for help if you are stuck on any portion of the Capstone project. Show up to all classes and meetings so that the project is constantly moving forward with input from all team members. If you are not able to show up to the class contact the project manager when you are able to in order to find out what happened for that week and get the new set of instructions. Add all assignments to the drop box in a timely manner so that everyone is able to review them....

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