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Captain Ashraf Mabrouk


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Captain Ashraf Mabrouk
UAE – Abu Dhabi +971528002130 /+971567321913 / PROFILE
Ability to identify opportunities, evaluate, plan and implement company and customer requirements at all levels using a variety of management and technical skills. A strategic thinker, who can create an effective team and has the ability to use individuals’ skills in the most effective way to benefit the individual, team and achieve the project goals and Objectives,. Dynamic, personable, inspiring, self-starting, progressive and talented I would add value to any organization. I have gained experience in the private and public sector for the last 24 years, Specializing in marine /port operations and shipping managements. I have demonstrated success at all levels and capable to excel at Director/VP level. I can genuinely state that continuous improvement, lessen to your customer and your employees are the key success for any organization, so use KAIZEN, LEAN, Six-Sigma or any suitable tools to enhance team engagement and motivation as well as keep the wheel running.

 Invented a new application (Port Management information System (PMIS) for ADPC with cooperation with major applications’ developer “Kongsberg IT” to automate the port operation process and invoicing, which reduce the human errors and improve data capturing and correct invoicing. It is part of the Port community system (PCS) (one window solution) Developed the required operation’s procedures and process for new built state of art Khalifa Port in Abu Dhabi (ADPC). Those sets of procedures provide the new port operators and customers with the required confident for safe and effective marine operation within the new port. Closed out and led the marine development part of Khalifa Port project during the construction and operation

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