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Car Accident Report Sample

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- We conducted an interview with the registered owner of the insured vehicle, Mr Chung Allen on 24/08/2015. Mr Chung confirmed that the accident happened on 17/08/2015 at about 1150hrs. He was able to relate the circumstances of the accident to the best of his recollection.

- According to Mr Chung, the accident occurred when he and his wife were on their way to AMK Hub in Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 from their home in Blk 316 Shunfu Rd via Marymount Rd. The road surface was dry at the time of the accident. He was travelling down the circular ramp to enter the basement car-park of AMK Hub when the accident happened.

- As Mr Chung was about to turn left towards the entrance gantry, he realised that the brakes did not seem to work. He lost control of the insured vehicle which continued moving forward towards the opposite
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He also did not consume any alcohol or medication on the day of the accident. He was very familiar with the area because he would frequent there regularly for groceries. - We visited the reported accident location on 24/08/2015 taking the information provided by Mr Chung and his accident report as references.

- It was noted the accident occurred near the entrance/exit of AMK Hub basement car-park. Whilst at the reported accident location, we noticed a concrete pillar situated in the middle separating vehicle from entering/exiting the basement car-park.

- Upon closer observations, there was a particular section of the partition wall located along the left side of the exit gantry which corresponded to the circumstances of accident as narrated in the accident report by the insured. This was just right after the exit barrier of AMK Hub basement car-park. See photo 1 – 5 taken during our visit to the post-accident location.

Photo 1 shows the general view of the entrance/exit of AMK Hub where the insured vehicle (arrowed) was heading towards the basement

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