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Police Functions Paper
Keith Rucker
William Judd
Police Functions Paper

According to The American System of justice, Policing has three main functions maintaining order in society, Law Enforcement, and provide service. Police has a mandate to keep the peace or to prevent bad behaviors that which disturb others.
This can range from a person playing loud music to an all out fight, the police is usually on call to handle these types of situations and have the authority to deal with these matters committed under the law.
Law Enforcement uses his powers in cases where there has been a violation of the law and the criminal must be apprehended. Such as a robbery, murder, house break-ins, drug violators, and burglary.
Services can include giving first aid providing needed information to citizens and tourist. Getting the disoriented a lost person, back home out of harm’s way. The police can be an educator, assisting schools or teaching topics on how to prevent drug use. Some studies showed that 80% of call did not involve crimes.
Because police agencies usually on call year round 24 hours a day people call the police when they are upset about something, police may include roadside service for some one’s car. Finding a lost dog or cat or checking locks on vacation homes.
Federal police has full authority given to them under United States Code. They operate at the highest level in policing the FBI Police. The can go anywhere in the nation to enforce law.
All Federal police are limited by the United States Code to investigate matters within the powers of the federal government.

Since the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act federal investigation powers have become very broad in practice. At the Federal level the Department of justice is responsible for most law enforcement. They include the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Drug Enforcement…...