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Carbon Dioxide

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Have you ever walked outside and felt like the air is different than normal? Do you feel claustrophobic? Furthermore, are changes in atmospheric composition and global climate the result of human activity or natural processes? There is much evidence backing up either side and showing that the change could be the result of both. However, because of many factors, I believe human activity is the cause of change in atmospheric composition and global climate. Human population, man-made processes, and deforestation have a great impact on atmospheric composition and global climate change.
The first trace of human civilization was in Mesopotamia, in which we know had different cities. Historians estimate that there were about 96,000 people in these cities. The human population of the world is now seven billion and counting. Historical records show that in 1997 there were approximately 365,000 babies born everyday; 140,000 people die each day; this gives the world a natural increase of 220,000 people everyday. The increase in population obviously means a rise in human activities. Gradually over time, the Earth’s climate has changed and so has atmospheric composition. To clarify one thing that will be stated throughout: changes in atmospheric composition cause changes in climate. An increase in human activity causes more likelihood for change in the atmosphere. More people on Earth means more human activity. If there is more harmful (to the environment) activity there will be a greater change in atmospheric composition and climate.
With more humans being produced and survival rates increasing, we can conclude that human activity is also increasing. Humans have a great impact on greenhouse gases in which they are able to increase or decrease the composition of these gases. Many times the effect humans have on greenhouse gases is negative, which increases the likelihood of...

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