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1. Guidelines for care of a person with with cardiovascular disease is
Encourage your patient to rest
Make sure your patient follows the doctor's orders. Make sure that your patient takes the required medication every day.
Help your patient avoid future heart problems by helping them avoid these high risk factors smoking, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol level, physical inactivity and alcohol.
Take care of yourself.
Limit the amount of fluids that the person gets.
Give the person a low salt diet. Salt holds water and fluids.
Take daily body weights. These weights should be done in the morning before breakfast, after the person has voided and using the same scale
Measure intake and output.
Position the person in a sitting position when they are short of breath.
Elevate the person's leg when they have fluid build up (edema).
ECGs electrocardiographs are used to measure the heartbeat by recording the electrical impulses in the heart. This is especially helpful in determining whether or not there is an abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia) present.
Ultrasound equipment, such as echocardiographs, allow for the examination of a patient's heart in much the same way that they allow for the observation of a fetus in a womb, which is their other primary medical use.
Defibrillators are used by cardiologists on patients who are having a heart attack. It supplies electrical energy to the heart in an attempt to jump start the heart into once again beating properly.
Ventilators are used to help patients to breathe properly, and they are necessary in some cases of heart attack when the breathing has been affected.
3. Special diet
When you are recovering from any cardiovascular disease you will want to reduce your salt intake and choose foods that are low in salt, some examples are fresh meats, poultry, fish, eggs, milk and...

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