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Career Activtity Reason and Apptitude Summary

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Career Plan Activity- Reasoning Aptitude Discussion
Monica Bridgewater Wilson
May 27, 2013
Ray Hernandez

Career Plan Activity- Reasoning Aptitude Discussion
Reasoning skills can be defined as one’s ability to make a sound and logical decision. It is the process of getting from the problem or task, to a solution, and getting there by reason. It is using ones common sense and basing your solutions and decisions on viable information, evidence or logical conclusions rather than ones emotion. These skills include the ability to think critically. The purpose of the assessment was to assist in getting a full understanding of one’s unique thinking style and how it can be used in attaining your career goals.
The Results
The results of my assessment revealed that I am focused and work well in careers where success comes from using practical skills and where thinking my is mainly logical and practical, focused on facts and the bottom line, and provides organization and follow through. It further explained that my strengths lie in adhering to values, following instructions, strategizing, innovating, Organizing, and delivering results.
Thinking Style and approach to Arguments
The assessment taught me that reasoning skills is necessary for effective conflict management, picking ones battles and resolving issues in the best way possible, (logical and from common sense.) Once one has learnt about ones reasoning skills they become more aware of the strengths and weakness in decision making and communicating, and these processes become easier in terms of how to analyze a situation and develop a course of action that will bring about good results and deliverables.
It also revealed that one’s thinking style seriously affects ones approach to an argument. In my case , because I use logic and tend to be practical in reasoning, my approach to an argument,...

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