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Ever since I was in high school I had always debated which corridor of business I should follow. I had always been interested in business and math subjects, and at fifteen I had a glimpse of the real world working in a retail store. The reason I chose Human Resources is because unlike other main stream business professions like accounting and finance, I found that not only would hr allow me to be business oriented, but it would let me think outside the cubicle. A Human Resource personnel accommodates the employees and management into a mutual harmony and allowing the company to function at its most proficient potential. I had the opportunity to experience both good and bad hr personnel’s. At my previous position as a photo developer at Fortinos, the hr Generalist was very biased, as she had been taking more of the managements side and taking less care of the employees. This had eventually caused the unionized environment not to perform to the fullest. This persuaded me in becoming a Human Resource Specialist because I felt like with my people skills I could interact fairly with the employees and upper management while creating no friction in the middle. While most accountants and financial advisors are sitting doing statistics, being part of Human Resource department will allow me to be on the floor with fellow workers, permitting them to evolve with experience and helping the company grow with different development aspects. The main categories someone can fall under if they peruse a career in Human Resources are: Human Resource Generalist, Human Resource Manager and Human Resource Specialist.1111 The job of a hr generalist is to do basic tasks such as schedules, health and safety with very limited influence on training and development of workers. An hr manager is someone who has extensive experience in the Human Resource field, like all managers a hrm’s job is...

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