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Career Development Plan Hiring & Training

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Career Development Plan
Kim Stacks
HRM 531
June 27, 2010
Patrice Cloutier

Career Development Plan
This Career Development Plan is to help assist employees in achieving work related goals. The plan and process will benefits many factors within the organization including the likelihood of employee retention. Employees will see the organization and managers pursue and encourage him or her to seek and pursue career and education goals for the organization, establishing retention and seeking happy employees who may seek these goals with another organization.
This training and mentoring plan will guide employees set realistic expectations of career growth with specific time frames for each milestone to happen such as noting education and learning in areas that employees need to develop to be eligible for their next career milestone such as a promotion. However, noting Career Development Plans are just that; a plan and are not commitments to the employee from the organization or the manager proposing this plan.
Workplace Training
Because of the merger, restructuring, and the addition to the focus of the InterClean and EnviroTech sales team, it is vital that each individual as well as the team collectively obtain the knowledge to be prepared to embrace the challenge of the new structure. The new sales team is a mix of employees from both InterClean and EnviroTech. The new sales force has four members moving in from EnviroTech, who all have superior customer service relations and each have some basic sales knowledge. This group has a strong background in creating and building relationships and can adapt with a new and diverse team but need to broaden their product knowledge and sales strategies to make them a more complete member. The three employees from InterClean have superior sales strategies and are competitive in setting, meeting and exceeding company...

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