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Career Development Plan II
Training and Mentoring Program
June 12, 2011

Career Development Plan II – Training and Mentoring Program
The merger between InterClean and EnviroTech has sparked a new strategic direction. Consequently, the merged companies will be introducing full-service cleaning solutions for organizations in the health care industry. To facilitate the company’s new direction, management has assembled a new sales team and development plan to help the team be successful at implementing the new strategy. The new sales team will be consisting of Jim Martin, Vice President of Sales, Tom Gonzalez, Sales Manager, and Outside Sales Representatives, Susan Burnt, Eric Borden, Ving Hsu, and Terry Garcia. Additionally, the next step is to create a training program for these employees. This training and mentoring program is designed to prepare the new team to carryout the objectives of the company. Furthermore, when creating a successful program, management must first identify the new training and mentoring needs, objectives of the program, performance standards, delivery methods, contents, time frames, evaluation methods, feedback, and alternate avenues for those who require further development.
Assessing Needs and Objectives
When selecting members for the new team, management focused on specific skill sets that would be significant to the success of the organizations new strategy. Notably, employees from both entities were evaluated and chosen because they presented high levels of proficiency in key areas such as communication, customer service, problem-solving, leadership, innovation, and critical thinking. Although members from either entity exhibit strong success skills, there seem to be some inconsistency. For example, members from InterClean have excellent sales strategies and are aggressive in meeting and exceeding sales goals. However,…...

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