Career Development Plan Part Two

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Career Development Plan Part two
Marisol Miranda
University of Phoenix
January 18, 2014

Career Development Plan Part Two
Businesses around the world use training programs to increase productivity and knowledge among its employees. The purpose of training employees is to provide them with the tools that will help them execute their jobs with quality and high performance. It equips them with the efficient skills to perform their jobs. At Interclean, a training program has been designed for the five employees that will be relocated to Puerto Rico to ensure their success in the new acquisition.
Because all five employees will be working in a new environment, and new culture, it is important they acquire the necessary skills to succeed as Sales manager, and sales representatives. Within the group, there is a need of learning the main language of the island which is Spanish and also learn about the Puerto Rican culture. Coaching and mentoring will be added to the training program once it is completed.
The objective of the training program is to empower employees and enrich their knowledge in a second language. Once the training program has been completed they will proceed to receive coaching and mentoring. The objectives of coaching and mentoring is to give follow up and continuous guidance throughout their employment.
To establish performance standard, it is necessary that every employee learn the definition and pronunciation of 15 words in Spanish within the first week of training. On the second week of training 30 words must be learned. On the third week, they must practice the words learned among themselves and must be able to write a six sentence paragraph. By the fourth week, each employee will do role play in the training classroom and must complete the sales sheet order in Spanish. The employee will communicate effectively in the new…...