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Journal of Vocational Behavior 73 (2008) 242–253

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A model of career success: A longitudinal study of emergency physicians q
Sarah Pachulicz, Neal Schmitt *, Goran Kuljanin
Department of Psychology, Michigan State University, 262 Psychology, E. Lansing, Michigan 48824-1116, USA

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Objective and subjective career success were hypothesized to mediate the relationships between sociodemographic variables, human capital indices, individual difference variables, and organizational sponsorship as inputs and a retirement decision and intentions to leave either the specialty of emergency medicine (EM) or medicine as output variables. Objective career success operationalized as the number of leadership positions held did not mediate the relationship, but income change and career satisfaction mediated the relationship between the hours worked and years employed in emergency medicine. Work centrality was significantly related to subjective career success more so for men than women and perceptions of success or self-efficacy were positively related to subjective career success for women, but not for men. The expected pattern of women indicating more difficulties with personal time and family time did not emerge; but women did indicate less perceived support from the organization, fewer EM leadership positions, less perceived control over their work situation and less organizational support than did men. Ó 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Article history: Received 22 January 2008 Available online 12 June 2008

Keywords: Career success Emergency physicians Salary change Career satisfaction Leisure and career success Work centrality Gender difference in careers

1. Introduction Career success has been…...

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