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Caring in Nursing

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Caring in nursing





Concept analysis can be referred to as the activity where different concepts, their characteristics as well as their relations with other concepts are brought out clearly and evidently (Fawcett& Desanto, 2012). The creation of a distinct conceptual clarity about the different concepts proves to be of great importance to all the forms as well as the kinds of research. The general outlined guidelines of research as well as the philosophical literature are often in the mentioning of research analysis or on the hand also mention the concept of the research. Different disciplines have formulated different methods or rather devised different methods of concept analysis. These different methods are meant for the development as well as the clarification of their own concepts in their different fields. The methods may at one time share a scholarly view of the problems of concept as well as the methodology, however, since they are discipline specific, they too may also be in need of various modifications before they could be of use and applicable to the different fields in which they are meant to be used. In nursing science, the art of concept analysis is at a greater height seen as an integral part of the development of a theory and a discipline of the science of nursing. This paper evaluate the nursing concept of care in nursing.
Caring in nursing Caring in nursing is the active support as well as involvement of the patients receiving treatment and their relatives, family inclusive, in the designation of models of health care as well as in the making of decisions about individual options that the patient would have for treatment. In accordance to Jean Watson’s theory on caring in nursing, it stated on the assumptions that, caring environment is that which offers the development of...

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