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Caring for Children

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E1: Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in caring for children.
A1: Include a reflective account of the role of the practitioner in caring for children.

The role of the practitioner in caring for children is to meet their care needs. These are:

Food and Water
The role of the practitioner when meeting children’s needs for food and water is to make sure that children always have access to water when they are thirsty. They could do this by providing a water cooler or getting the children to bring in a bottle. Another way the practitioners can meet their needs is to provide smaller meals with snacks in between. This is because children can’t hold as much food therefore needs to eat more often. When giving children meals or snacks in nursery’s, practitioners need to make sure they are aware of any dietary requirements the children may have, i.e. allergies, vegetarian, religious/ cultural. Practitioners also need to be aware of the child’s stage of development and make sure they know if the child needs help with feeding or need food cut up etc. it is important to provide food and water because it will help children concentrate better and learn more. It will also protect them from illness if they have the right diet.

Fresh air and exercise
The role of the practitioner when meeting children’s need for fresh air and exercise is that, where possible children have free flow access to outside in all weathers. If children are given the opportunities to go out in all weathers practitioners should provide them with the appropriate clothing like wellington boots if it’s raining or hats if it’s sunny. Practitioners should plan fun but challenging activities for the children so they don’t get bored while outside. These activities should be varied so they are not all the same; to do these activities practitioners should carry out regular risk...

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