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Caroll Paris

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1. The Ansoff Matrix 4

2. PEST Analysis of China 5 2.1 Political 5 2.2 Economical 5 2.3 Social 5 2.4Technological 6

3. The 3 V’s Business Model 6 3.1 Valued Customers – Who to serve ? 6 3.2 Value Proposition – What to offer? 6 3.3 Value Network – How to deliver? 7

4. Marketing Mix 7 4.1 Product 7 4.2 Price 9 4.3 Promotion 10 4.4 Place 11

5. Brand Positioning 13

6. The Porter Five Forces 14

7. The Value Chain 15

8. SWOT Analysis 16



Caroll Paris is a French ‘fashion house’ created in 1963 by Raphael Levy and Joseph Bigio. Originally the French brand was called "Les Tricots Caroll". The brand was first known for knitwear, more precisely for Shetland woolens. Then the brand expanded its range to offer entire women’s ready to wear collections.

In 1986, the brand Caroll joined the group André; now known as Vivarte since 2001. This Group owns several brands such as André, La Halle aux Chaussures, Kookaï, Liberto, Minelli… In 1994 the brand changed its name to "Caroll Paris", it opens up franchises all over France and was launch on the market stock exchange. The challenge was to become a major player in the ready to wear market.

In the same time, the brand changed its positioning to become a dynamic brand that offers fashion products. Today, Caroll has more than 400 stores in France and expand itself abroad since 1997.

We will see in this study that, according to the Ansoff Matrix, a market development is the best strategy for Caroll Paris. The Question is : What strategy Caroll Paris should follow to enter the ‘middle market’ in China?

In order to respond to this question, we will design a Strategic Marketing Plan using...

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