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ontinuing Case: The carter cleaning company: The job description1. What should be the format and final form of the store manager’s job description?Ans:
The format noted in figure 4-6 could be a reasonable format to use. Students mayrecommend that Jen should include a “standards of performance” section in the job description.This lists the standards the employee is expected to achieve under each of the job description’smain duties and responsibilities, and would address the problem of employees notunderstanding company policies, procedures, and expectations. In addition, students mayrecommend that Jennifer instead take a competency-based approach which describes the job interms of the measurable, observable, behavioral competencies that an employee doing that jobmust exhibit. Because competency analysis focuses more on “how” the worker meets the job’sobjectives or actually accomplishes the work, it is more worker focused.

2.Was it practical to specify standards and procedures in the body of the job description,or should these be kept separately?Ans:
They do not need to be kept separately, and in fact both Jen and the employees would be better served by incorporating standards and procedures into the body of the description. Theexception to this would be if the standards and procedures are so complex or involved that it becomes more pragmatic to maintain a separate procedures manua1. First, how would you recommend we go about reducing the turnover in our stores?

The students should base their responses on the information presented in the advertisingsection of the chapter, and their response should include placing and constructing ads that willattract candidates who will find the job attractive.
Jennifer can do a quick analysis on what it costs her to recruit and train a new employee(including the cost of lower productivity as a person learns a new…...

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...Carter Cleaning Company Case 1: 1) Make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with. - non-trained stuff therefore low job performance - controlling labor costs - managing wages between those that work in dry cleaning side (skilled) and attendants (unskilled) - high turnovers - HR rules and protections not being followed 2) What would you do first if you were Jennifer? If I were in Jennifer's shoes the first thing I would do is meet with her father and discuss about how everything HR related was done in the company before she came. Then I would hold a meeting for all of the employees to introduce myself and ask them about their concerns or wants. Then I would analyze the data and map e a strategic plan on how I can motivate the managers to motivate their staffs, how to train new and old employees to make work done more efficiently , and establish a recruiting process. After speaking with managers and her father about what the employees need to be successful I would then run an add for a hiring event, to have candidates come in to the stores and see what motivates them to work. Carter Cleaning Company Case 2: 1) Is it true as Jack Carter claims “we can't be accused of being discriminatory because we hire mostly women and minorities anyway”? It is not true. Statements like this place his company at risk and show that he obviously needs a human resource manager who knows about current laws and regulations. Being the owner, he...

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