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Carter Cleaning Company Case 1:

1) Make a list of five specific HR problems you think Carter Cleaning will have to grapple with. - non-trained stuff therefore low job performance - controlling labor costs - managing wages between those that work in dry cleaning side (skilled) and attendants (unskilled) - high turnovers - HR rules and protections not being followed

2) What would you do first if you were Jennifer? If I were in Jennifer's shoes the first thing I would do is meet with her father and discuss about how everything HR related was done in the company before she came. Then I would hold a meeting for all of the employees to introduce myself and ask them about their concerns or wants. Then I would analyze the data and map e a strategic plan on how I can motivate the managers to motivate their staffs, how to train new and old employees to make work done more efficiently , and establish a recruiting process. After speaking with managers and her father about what the employees need to be successful I would then run an add for a hiring event, to have candidates come in to the stores and see what motivates them to work.

Carter Cleaning Company Case 2: 1) Is it true as Jack Carter claims “we can't be accused of being discriminatory because we hire mostly women and minorities anyway”? It is not true. Statements like this place his company at risk and show that he obviously needs a human resource manager who knows about current laws and regulations. Being the owner, he should have at least a basic knowledge of discriminatory employment policies and procedures.

Regardless who he hires (even if it is “mostly women and minorities”), if he violates the equal employment law, he can definitely be accused of discrimination. The employees or applicants only need valid evidence to charge him for discrimination. In this case the EEO may take action.

2) How should…...