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The assigned video for this week of the lab is titled "Carving and stippling your gunstock-the right way". The video features Kurt as it's presenter, and comes by way of This is apparently the ninth video in a series published by TiborasaurusRex.

The video opens with some shots of elaborate carving up close. Carving can be just about anything you want to put on the stock. If it can be drawn, you can carve it as well. Immediately Kurt suggests that you begin the process with a line drawing, if you have poor art skills. Size it, and tape it to the stock. He shows a ponce wheel (a handled tool with a wheel having small, evenly spaced teeth) and states to go over the drawing with it. Essentially you're poking little tiny dots through the paper, and into the stock. When you have done the whole outline, remove it to see the pattern left. (In tattooing we have a method called blood lining. It's where you know your stencil is going to come off, so you make a pass of the tattoo
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The maximum limit for carving he states is 1/16th of a inch. It was cool when he explained the use of the border tool. Once a line was made, he used a spacer to run the corresponding border line to the original. That's a really cool method, I think. He shows some designs he is currently working on, and I'm impressed. The carving appears to be uniform in depth, and very ornate. I think it looks fancy, as well as elegant. On the leaves he explains how he used a V line to make the first marks on them. Next, he used a shallow gouge, or curved carver. The way he balanced it on his hand is pretty much the same way tattoo artists hold their tattoo machines (steady platform). He shows how to use the curved part of the chisel to make the lines of a leaf. While pushing it forward, he digs it ever so slightly into the wood. He then removes the sliver of carved wood to reveal he made a

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