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CAS session details: 1. Make a TO-DO list always. And checkmark the list. 2. He asked me to introduce myself and explain me my job profile. He knew that I was working with Maruti. I explained him my job profile as :
I was into virtual simulation.
We used to test the vehicles for noise vibration and harshness.
The CAE phase would come in the product development phase.
Based on set standards make the model, evaluate it using software’s and then suggest countermeasures or design optimization proposals to the designers.
Then test the design and the proposals would be tested during the prototype stage and the loop goes on if quality assurance team reports any problem.
Because the regulations are not there, so we have to pitch our ideas with the design and the testing teams and request for inclusions so as to improve the end customer comfort.
On this, he gave me a problem: I was supposed to design a mechanism by which a deaf person can recognize a door bell.
I started with giving him something vague idea that some electrical signals need to be generated. He asked me then, I said there would be receptors inside the room which would glow like a bulb … then I started again... That if the person is deaf, he would either be able to feel things (tactile) or see things.
Then he began with his approach. He said anybody has 5 senses. So start exploring 5 options and keep eliminating, prioritizing options as and when they come. Arriving at the right solution is not important; he said the approach to solving the problem is important. Education with practical learning’s is important.
Now in short, he said that I would suit into the consumer behavior group of the marketing function. He asked me to take marketing and operations as the majors. He asked me to REVISIT my maruti experience and try and find out how it would support my prospective career. He said…...

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