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Case 1 - Int'L Mgmnt

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Case 1

1. The global economic downturn has impacted jobs outsourcing in the BPO industry by becoming one of the biggest job creators in India. Because of this a lot of companies tried to keep up by employing more people to increase their output. One of the major impacts is growth and maturity, it had an effect on the BPO industry and contributed to the outsourcing companies and continued growth of the industry. The Global economic downturn created problems when in funding for the institutions, and job outsourcing seemed to be the best option available. 2. The main trend in the globalization of human capital is efficiency. Efficiency is the main factor in making sure that jobs are filled by people who are most qualified for them. Because of job outsourcing it is important to maintain your current employees by making sure that they are treated well and are happy. Other trends of globalization of human capital include decision making and personal choice by the companies and the change in demographics and increasing knowledge of the economy. 3. Locations for outsourcing jobs are essential for companies because they want to find the cheapest yet most effective option. So some of India’s government policies have helped contribute to building the Indian BPO industry into what it is now. The Indian government reduced licensing requirements and made foreign technology accessible, they made the process of investment a lot easier. 4. This case highlights that that companies need to be developing their strategies due to the fact that foreign companies are outsourcing to their country and they could easily be put out of business because of it. On the same note it highlights the opportunities involved in outsourcing and the possibilities it could mean for your...

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