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Case 11- Analysis- General Management/Organizational Behavior Gm591- Keller Graduate School of Management


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Case 11’s problems are very typical for many organizations and movements. In this case, a normally strong group of walruses are effectively weakened by the lack of communication and the lack of approachability of the leading walrus. Many things came to my mind as we were working on this case. The things that stood the most out to me was how well that the elements of loyalty and respect had been fused with fear and lack of accountability. This “fusion” is not new to the business world, even if it was used in this fable to illustrate a very valid scenario. Many organizations and businesses like Enron, even if it was one of the biggest scandals the business world of U.S. ever experienced, has had to deal with the inflamed issue of secrets and notifications that have been suppressed when the organizations were in dire need of having these things exposed, to change the negative course of happenings.
Many companies that merge with other larger companies may make seem to us outsiders that they are being bought up because they just wish for a collaborative effort with a larger and more experienced company. This is most of the times not true. Companies that are bought up by other larger companies, usually get into the merge due to an internal problem, that very often can be attributed to an issue related to the lack of communication or behavioral misconducts, that has lead to a grave lack in the input section of the organization, whether it be human capital or just capital. By allowing for them to be merged, they can reinvent, reestablish, and implement a new set of rules and values for norms. Many mergers in the business world have been highly successful due to the experience of the larger organization that buys the smaller one up. The organization problems that are due to trying to silence employees when they witness grave misconducts, reinforces the negative

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