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CASE 2 - Microsoft’s Partnership with UNHCR – Pro Bono Publico? 1. Is partnership the answer and can the company leverage all its assets to contribute pro bono publico?
By supporting the UNHCR, Microsoft engaged in a strategic partnership that is beyond satisfying shareholder expectations. The partnership with the UNHCR agency was not created to fulfill any financial gains. The concept was a long-term investment with promising outcomes for all stakeholders: Microsoft is supporting people in need with expertise and knowledge, helping through employee’s volunteer work, without direct return on investment. Microsoft has tremendous resources - tangible resources (capital and technology) and intangible resources (employees’ knowledge and management skills). Microsoft realized that its valuable resources can result in capabilities to reach social aspects, therefore creating value for all of its stakeholders (Deresky, 2011). Investing the company’s assets (human capital) in welfare projects contribute to social responsibility and provides its stakeholders with long-term benefits.

To contribute to pro bono publico a company needs to find and develop partnerships with which to help them carry out whatever good they are trying to accomplish in the world. The world is shrinking due to the globalization that is going on currently with the Internet shrinking the time it takes to get things done, but I do not believe that there is any company large enough to take on the entirety of the world out there by itself, leveraging all of its assets in order to do this. The whole provide value and pay corporate shareholders would go out the window if they were to do this. There is the idea that they could become a non-profit company of some kind, but the stockholders I am sure would have a fit and out the current Board and CEO, unless they were to start from scratch, develop...

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