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Case Analysis for Unitedway

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United Way, formerly known as United Way of America, and also linked to United Way Worldwide).
The year of 1887 marked the beginning of United Way, which originated as Denver’s Charity Organization Society and expanded over 1,000 Community Chests in the late 1940’s (Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner, & McNamara, 2012, p. C19). Then in 1974 their campaign, in America and Canada, exceedigngly raised over $1 billion dollars; thus, causing for the creation of the United Way International so that many countries around the world may have the ability to construct similar organizations that will benefit their nations (Dess, et al., 2012, C19). United Way’s business consist of attracting large companies and contributors into their charity in order to raise money for the sole purpose of improving issues on health, education, poverty by providing economic stability across populations; overall creating healthier living standards worldwide since public services increase in demand (Dess, et al., 2012, C19). However, this organization has faced scandals resulting in fraudulent CEO’s and associaties, losing hundreds of thousands for personal use by members and $18 million loss of charity by the collector California Bay United Way, that was not mirroring the amount of money donors had given, leaving them to suspect the pockets into where their money was going into. UWW’s current CEO is Brian Gallagher and this organization operates in 46 countries; however, even with their positive intentions UWW led the public into a very broad and vague platform that caused a scandal over the public and donors questioning where their donations were heading towards unlike single issue charity organizations for disasters like 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc. (Dess, et al., 2012, C19). In 2011, this resulted in UWW facing competition and loss of 5% in...

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