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Case Analysis Summary

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Case Analysis Summary
This class requires a clear understanding of how to prepare for a class discussion on assigned cases. It’s important to learn how to do this to be successful not only for this class, but also if you want to become a successful manager. I should be able to come up with a good argument for what I believe is the correct plan of action that needs to take place for whatever managerial situation. I hope to be able to effectively participate in future class discussion about cases after sufficiently studying the guide for case analysis. First, I will summarize “Preparing a Case for Class Discussion,” followed by a summary of the ratios from Table 1, and lastly, I will summarize the “Ten Commandments” from Table 2.
To prepare for a case used in class discussion, there will be a couple of steps recommended that I follow to help create a successful reflection of the material. First, it is recommended that I quickly read over the material to grasp the basic concept. This helps me understand what kind of situation I will be dealing with while doing the case analysis. It also allows me to know what to start looking for when I read the material in detail. Next, I should carefully read the case and make sure I completely cover every aspect of the situation. During this process I should start to look over questions the instructor may have provided to see if I can begin to answer any of them. At this point, I want to be comfortable with all the facts and be able to talk about them effectively. After I have read over the case, I need to review the information that was provided. I may need to develop notes to keep track of all relevant information and any questions I could have in regards to the case. Then, I will decide what the issues of the case are. By doing this I will be able to figure out what is needed to move forward with the decision making process....

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