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Problems Facing Human service clients and Helping skills Elz BSHS / 305

Every day in our life we each all face different problems. Every person is an individual and they each have their own problem they are dealing with, every problem is different and each person cope and handle them very differently. The type’s problems human service client’s face are many. Since every clients problems are not all the same, there are different helping skills we can use that will guide us to help the client effectively and help make a change in their life. In this paper I will be discussing the range of problems human service clients face, and the specific helping skills that can be used with clients.

Problems Facing Human service clients and Helping skills
When a person has the courage to go out and get help from a professional, they become a human service client. We must not approach the client as to asking many questions as to why they did that or how they got to be in the situation they are in. A professional should know every client’s problem and background are all going to be differently. It’s a must that we listen to the client, let them tell us why they are here and what they expect the outcome of getting help will do for them.
It is important that the professional knows how the client views their own problem, some clients can have short term help that can be easily be taken care of or on the other hand it can be long term. There are many ways a professional can help determine which type of problem the client is going through and know what kind of help the client will need. Many of the…...

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