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Case Hell

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John Baker, chief engineer of the Caribbean Bauxite Company was promoted to production manager of fast-expanding Canadian enterprise. His final task is the assessment interview with the successor, Matthew Rennalls, the able young Barracanian. Final interview didn’t have a success. Rennalls asked to accept his letter as a resignation..

The problem

The Company productivity may fall down because of staff misunderstandings.

Cast of characters

• John Baker, chief engineer, 45 years old, 23 years served the Caribbean Bauxite Co. British. • Matthew Rennalls, 40th years old, talented engineers old. native Barracanian.


• John Baker has a promotion preparations to leave the island. • John Baker’s and Matthew Rennalls met for an assessment interview. • Matthew Rennals writes a resignation letter.

1. Issues

• On the one hand, Rennalls is a talented engineer, on the other hand he has a conflict with expatriates. • On the one hand Rennalls can influence the policy of the Co by his father, but on the other hand he is not the only candidate. • On the one hand Baker wants Rennalls to work for the Co, but on the other hand the Co can’t risk his image.

2. Options

1) Hive apologizes to Rennalls and invite him back to the company.

Advantages: • Rennalls is a professional worker. He can influence the policy of the Co on the islands.
• His racial conflicts with the stuff. • Rennalls is sometimes rude with staff and that causes negative emotions in the collective.

2) To find out another candidate for Rennalls place.

Advantages: • Taking a Barracanian substitute for the place. It may solve the problem of Rennall’s stuff rudeness.

Disadvantages: •...

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