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Case Manager Interview

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Case Manager Interview
Case Manager: Merventine Scott
Organization: Family and Youth Services

Assessment and reassessment
1. When clients are referred to your organization, what process or procedure is followed to assess your client (such as psychological, social, medical, et cetera)?
When clients are referred to Family and Youth Services an initial assessment is performed, which includes information on a clients demographics, residential status, income, insurance coverage, mental or medical history, and main reason for seeking service. The process also includes an overview of different areas of need such as shelter, food, safety, and health care.
2. What steps do you take to stay up to date on current services or changes in available services?
Family and Youth Services management team sends program coordinators, qualified professionals, counselors, and other licensed staff out every month to meetings held for service providers. The staff comes back and we have conferences to review and discuss changes and make sure that everyone understands the new policies and procedures for these changes. We also make time for networking to research additional information on what services are available and share and use other information from neighboring agencies.
3. Can you describe the standards you use in writing up assessments, reports, and recommendations?

All case managers should utilize the Standards of Practice for Case management. The case manager should complete all assessments relevant to the needs of the client, taking into account the clients cultural background. Documentation of client assessments are done by using standardized tools. Standardized tools used may include assessments that are associated with the services the clients are seeking such as demographic data, medical history, mental health history, clients strengths and abilities, family or...

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