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Case Manager

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Case Manager Job Description:
To provide ongoing support and expertise through comprehensive assessment, planning, implementation and overall evaluation of individual patient needs. The overall goal of the position is to enhance the quality of patient management and satisfaction, to promote continuity of care and cost effectiveness through the integrating and functions of case management, utilization review and management and discharge planning. Has accountability for the care, coordination and discharge planning of all patients. This position is accountable to the Director of Case Management. QUALIFICATIONS Associate degree in healthcare related field preferred. Bachelor’s degree is preferred. Licensed professional nurse may be considered. Bachelors or Masters degree in related healthcare field (such as respiratory therapy or social work) may be considered. Minimum of two (2) years of utilization review/case management experience or social work experience. Minimum of one (1) year experience in discharge planning from a hospital is preferred. Maintain current professional licensure in nursing or professional field of certification. Appropriate certification in case management preferred (e.g., Commission for Case management Certification (CCMC); Association of Rehabilitation Nurses (ARN)). SUMMARY OF MAJOR AND ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Provides hospital case management/utilization review and discharge planning to assure that the patient progresses through the continuum of care and is discharged to the least restrictive environment. Coordinate the integration of the social service function into patient care. Coordinate the hospital activities concerned with case management and discharge planning. Adhere to departmental goals, objectives, standards of performance, and policies and procedures. Ensure compliance with quality patient care and regulatory compliance. DUTIES AND...

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