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The primary responsibility of a Case Manager is to coordinate a service which is in connection with the client’s needs. Familiarizing yourself with community resources helps case workers to develop skills that are necessary to know. Case managers should be aware of the services available in their own area and what’s offered throughout the State. It is the Case Manager’s Clients assessment of needs and the ability to locate or provide the appropriate resources that can begin the process of assisting with improving the individual’s quality of life and the client’s independence within the community.
It’s so many organizations and professionals available that can meet an individual’s specific needs. However, the client and sometimes the client’s family’s often become confused and unsure where to seek the best programs for them. It is the Case Manager’s responsibility to assist the client in obtaining these benefits or services whether it’s short term or long term. First of all, a good rapport and positive working relationship should be established between the Case Manager, client and service providers to ensure an effective outcome. A Case Manager should be knowledgeable about the various services available for their client, with doing so makes the process easier as well as the access.
Formal referrals submitted by the Case Manager to other government agencies or to community service organizations are usually more effective than the client themselves trying to seek help. The referral process is often smoother when a Case Manager has established a good working relationship with other professionals in specific programs. When case managers seek programs they must keep in mind that these facilities must have openings for the client. Case manager duties include working quickly and effectively so their clients can start the assigned program as soon as possible. No one…...

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