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Sharon Williams
June 07, 2011
Business Research Methods

Unit I and Unit II Assessment

Question # (1): How might business research help the new president make the right decisions?


Cooper & Schindler (2008) argues, “Although not all organizations use business

research to help make planning decisions, increasingly the successful ones does.” (Cooper & Schindler, 2008)
The authors further argue the fact that “The managers of tomorrow will need to know more

than any managers in history.” (Cooper & Schindler 2008) This statement along introduce

and sheds light into the present situation regarding the problem that the new president of the

old established company is facing and he must make the best possible decisions to proceed

further so that this company can go back to a profitable status. It is fair to say that all

decisions related to business related matters are about problems of some sort, and decision

processes are usually different from company to company. An important difficulty in a

decision dilemma is failure to act until one is too close to the decision point—when

sometimes information and options are greatly limited. Managers and/or organizations

usually work or respond in a “reactive” mode. Problems are “found” only after the issue

has begun to have a negative impact on the company, such as the case of the problem for the

new president. He stated in the question scenario, that he felt the company was operating

Nevertheless, proactivity can be a great strength to the president in his decision

making tactics, but it requires a decision strategy intelligence process that is absent from

many managers as leaders within the organization.…...