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Q: Sucrose is a disaccharide that undergoes hydrolysis to form two monosaccharaides, glucose and fructose, when it is consumed. Why then should there be any significant difference between consuming sucrose and HFCS-55?

A: I believe that when the bees consume HFCS-55 that their body breaks it down and poisons the bees’ body.

Q: Can HFCS-55 be considered a natural substance? Explain your reasoning, specifically listing the criteria by which you believe a substance may be considered “natural” as opposed to “unnatural.”

A: I would say that HFCS is “unnatural” because HFCS is produced by using an enzyme (Alpha-amylase) to break down corn-starch. This leads me to ask why must we need the enzyme if it were “nature”

Q: Both “natural” and genetically modified (GM) forms of corn are available in the United States. Based on the criteria that you have listed for Question 2, does your answer to the previous question depend on whether the HFCS-55 is made from “natural” or GM corn? Explain your reasoning.

A: Yes, I believe that HFCS-55 is not “natural” and that it is a genetically modified form of corn.

Q: It has been argued that just the process of transporting honeybees from one crop location to another over long distances may contribute to CCD regardless of what the colonies are fed. Is there evidence to support or refute this argument?

A: Yes, I think that taking these bees all over the country each year is causing them stress and not to mention the fact that they need to eat and are being feed HFCS-55. It may be weakening their bodies because it’s a cheap way to feed them. They bodies need the real pollen and sugar. I also think and because plants get diseases just like people, that the bees could be getting sick from the different types of plants they are pollenating.

Q: Trace metals such as manganese that catalyze the...

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